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I have two sites (suppose site A and Site B), each site has a cisco router at it's edge for the point-to-point connection between the two sites. I have three different types of media connections between these two sites.

1- E1

2- Vsat (via serial interface).

3- Tunnels

i'm running EIGRP protocol between Site A and B cisco P2P routers. i have (host at site B) and (Unix server at Site A).

the host supposed to access the server using http (web access) or SSH.

if the connection is via E1 or vsat everything is going smoothly no problems occurred.

but if the connection is via tunnel:

the host (at site B) can ping the server (at site A) and access it using SSH successfully But the host can't access the server using http (web access).

but when the connection is not tunnel everything going back to normal case.


1- tracert command in each case (E1 or Tunnel) showing the same route and the same number of hops just a simple change within the P2P RTRs IPs

2- Ping is successful in each case.

3- SSH is successful in each case.

4- another server (windows) at site A, can be accessed from the host at Site B using Http or RDP in each case (E1 or tunnel) successfully.

Appreciating your help to solve this case and if it's not the right site to publish such cases please advise for the right sites.. thanks.

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check your egress rules, p2p is probably set to prevent web access to server on firewall –  Dru Aug 15 '13 at 23:58
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