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So Microsoft has been running IE7 browsers as bots because even though YOU should upgrade why not run an IE7 bot, right? >__> So any way in my JavaScript error log I keep getting an obnoxious error that I can't figure out. I've run IE7/XP 64 in a virtual machine and can't reproduce the error...

function page()
 var a = decodeURI(window.location.href).split(path,2);
 var b = a[1].split(section()+'/',2);
 return b[1];

function section()
 var a = decodeURI(window.location.href).split(path,2);
 var b = a[1].split('/',2);
 return b[0];

The error message...

Object expected

...which occurs on the last line of the function: }. Yeah, that helps.

So since I don't run IE7 bots could someone please give me some insight in to how to address this issue so their bot stops spawning needless errors?

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When you attempt to replicate, what values are you using? What is section()? You could attempt to log all the values in that function so you see exactly what the bot is seeing, if IE7 log values – Brad M Aug 5 '13 at 22:00
section would be .com/section/ ('section') and page would be anything after the / after the section (e.g. .com/section/this/is/a/page page would be 'is/a/page page'). Since the IE7 bot returns a worthless line and I can't reproduce it anywhere myself I can't figure out what object isn't set, maybe the b[1] for the return? – John Aug 5 '13 at 22:06

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