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I've spent MANY hours looking for the answer... This is very easy in PHP but I just can't put it together in C#(I'm new to C# and mongo...) I'm trying to iterate through all levels of a stored document. The document looks like this:

  "_id" : ObjectId("51f90101853bd88971ecdf27"),
  "fields" : [{
  "ID" : ObjectId("51fd09498b080ee40c00514e"),
  "NAME" : "ID",
  "TYPE" : "Text"
}, {
  "ID" : ObjectId("51fd09a68b080ee40c0064db"),
  "NAME" : "Title",
  "TYPE" : "Text"
}, {
  "ID" : ObjectId("51fd09b28b080ee40c004d31"),
  "NAME" : "Start Date",
  "TYPE" : "Date"
}, {
  "ID" : ObjectId("51fd09c28b080ee40c007f2e"),
  "NAME" : "Long Description",
  "TYPE" : "Memo"
  "name" : "TODB",
  "updated" : "Wed Jul 31 2013 08:20:17 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)"

I have no problem accessing the "name" and "updated" but can't figure out how to access the "fields" array.

Code so far :

   MongoServer mongo = MongoServer.Create();
   var db = mongo.GetDatabase("forms"); 
   var collection = db.GetCollection("forms");
   var query = new QueryDocument("name", "TODB"); 

@foreach(BsonDocument item in collection.Find(query))

Again, I am able to access the name and _id just not any of the sub document values.

Thanks in advance for any assistance! After I get the reading figured out, I am also going to want to write data....

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There are a few ways, but here's one:

 // build some test data
 BsonArray dataFields = new BsonArray { new BsonDocument { 
     { "ID" , ObjectId.GenerateNewId()}, { "NAME", "ID"}, {"TYPE", "Text"} } };
 BsonDocument nested = new BsonDocument {
     { "name", "John Doe" },
     { "fields", dataFields },
     { "address", new BsonDocument {
             { "street", "123 Main St." },
             { "city", "Madison" },
             { "state", "WI" },
             { "zip", 53711}
 // grab the address from the document,
 // subdocs as a BsonDocument
 var address = nested["address"].AsBsonDocument;
 // or, jump straight to the value ...
 // loop through the fields array
 var allFields = nested["fields"].AsBsonArray ;
 foreach (var fields in allFields)
     // grab a few of the fields:
     Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}, Type: {1}", 
         fields["NAME"].AsString, fields["TYPE"].AsString);

You can often use the string indexer ["name-of-property"] to walk through the fields and sub document fields. Then, using the AsXYZ properties to cast the field value to a particular type as shown above.

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Wow!. That works great. And so simple. Thank you very much! –  user2167261 Aug 6 '13 at 9:39
Do you know if there is something even simple? Like Key.Key.Key? cause its really bad to do ["key"]["key"]["key"].AsString if you have breadcrumb saved –  Fraga Nov 4 at 0:45
I'm not sure what you mean by breadcrumbs in this context. The object has an indexer to retrieve fields by name. Unless you create a strongly typed class, you won't get the experience you're likely looking for. –  WiredPrairie Nov 4 at 12:53

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