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I am trying to run

sudo ./k7_trd_lin_quickstart

following the xilinx manual link TRD for Kintex7 but I the rightmost LED is turned off even after I turn off the PC and turn on the PC and turn on the FPGA again. The previous time my rightmost LED wasn't flashing I did the same and it worked and started flashing and I could run the program.

What I found in a document was : "When a Hot Reset is received by the AXI Bridge for PCIe, the link goes down and the PCI Configuration Space must be reconfigured." However not sure if this exactly pertains to the source of my error or how to reconfigure it. Please let me know if you might know the answer.

What I receive as error is:

Failed to open statistics file /dev/xdma_stat
/sbin/rmmod xrawdata1.ko; sleep 1
ERROR: Module xrawdata1 does not exist in /proc/modules
/sbin/rmmod xrawdata0.ko; sleep 1; rm -f /dev/xdma_stat
ERROR: Module xrawdata0 does not exist in /proc/modules
/sbin/rmmod xdma_k7.ko
***** Driver Unloaded *****
./k7_trd_lin_quickstart: line 39: cd: ..#: No such file or directory


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