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I'm trying to create a simple TextToSpeech app that speaks portuguese (pt_BR). The default Locale Android reference does not include pt_BR, so I created it:

public Locale pt_BR = new Locale("pt", "BR");

public void onInit(int initStatus) {

and it works, but with a very "robotic" voice, not smooth at all. Is it possible to download (or even buy) different voices for specific languages? (not an app, but the voice itself, so that I can include the voice as a TextToSpeech in my app Project).


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Yes. there are few good TTS engines available whihc you can use. They have free versions as well as paid versions which have added features.

Nuance Engine is good. It has both TTS and VRS (Voice recognization system). Also you can check iSpeech.

But i felt Nuance is better. both have free versions. you can easily integrate and check.

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