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Everything else works fine but except the two

People = input("Number of people: ")
Cookie = input("Numnber of cookies: ")
People = int(People)
Answer = int(Cookie) / int(People)
Remain = int(Cookie) % int(People)
print ("Cookies per person: ", Answer)
print ("Cookies returning to the jar: ", Remain)

Running the code with the two variable 4(people) and 11(cookies) returns this:

Number of people: 4
Number of cookies: 11
Cookies per person:  2.75
Cookies returning to the jar:  3

How do I change that 2.75 to just a 2?

Python 3.3

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To recover Python 2.X's int behaviour here, you can use //:

>>> 11/4
>>> 11//4

// works in Python 2 as well, for that matter.

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Thanks a lot +1 – user2652300 Aug 6 '13 at 2:10

In this case you could also use the more concise:

answer, remain = divmod(cookies, people)
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