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Hello today i uploaded my app to server, and after seting it into development mode, and running of course rake tasks (rake db:migrate, and rade db:migrate RAILS_ENV="production" ) and well it just doesn't saves anything.

the problem happens when i try to create any new items, it just goest to the listing of models... It's urgent because tomorrow i will meet with my client, any ideas?

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Note: People may help you, but using "it's urgent to me" will actually lower your chances of getting an answer. It will get you, in the best case, a response saying "well, that's too bad" - the problem's urgency is not relevant to its content. –  Piskvor Nov 27 '09 at 7:59
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Your question is very vague. I believe you're saying the app writes files to the server's hard drive. If that's what you're asking, I think the best guess is that something's wrong with file system permissions. Unfortunately, I can't say what is wrong without more details.

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i solved it.

reason i asked was because i absolutely went through each and every one of my potential problems and took care of them, and well in the end none of them were the reason of such a failure. so then i went to the basics

and i basically had to clone my development environment on the production machine.

so i had to downgrade rails a couple of versions, and some gems too.

that took care of it, everything went on smoothly, so if anyone ever encounters such mysterous failures, give this a try.

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