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i have multiple input boxes and i have to check whether the entered values is positive or negative using jquery Validator plugin. it is basically i am doing some calculation based on the value entered in the first input box. the value entered must be positive if not i should throw an error message saying the value must be positive or greater than zero.

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post the some code you have, have tried or the one you have so far –  Sergio Aug 6 '13 at 5:52
Use the min: 1 rule. –  Barmar Aug 6 '13 at 6:15

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You can use regex for validating numeric value. Code given below. The function will return true if input box contains numeric value (negative or positive)

function checkNumericValue(num)
var objRegExp  =  /(^-?\d\d*\.\d*$)|(^-?\d\d*$)|(^-?\.\d\d*$)/;
return objRegExp.test(num);

For checking -ve value, follow the link How to check the value given is a positive or negative integer?

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Use the min rule to specify that the minimum value is 1.

    rules: {
        fieldname: {
           min: 1
    messages: {
       fieldname: {
           min: "Value must be greater than 0"
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