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I have a facebook app and if the user comes through the web browser of ipad it opens the desktop version and it is fine. But when the user tries to go to the app through the facebook application of the ipad then comes an error saying "The page you requested was not found". What I want to do is to redirect user to mobile version if comes through the facebook application.

BTW this works fine on android phones and iphones.

is there a diff on http request header when the user comes through facebook application ?

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As far as I understood, you want to open your iOS/Android App from Facebook App. You can do this by having deep linking of your app. You need to go to your app on developers.facebook.com and then to Apps and Edit settings and switch to for eg: Native iOS App, then enable Deep linking, or if you want to achieve vice versa, you need to have URL Schemes enabled for this. Cheers. –  Reno Jones Aug 6 '13 at 6:27
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