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I have a custom attribute called data-role and I'd like to find all elements where data-role="content" in jQuery.

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I'm currently doing this with some old JavaScript code:

var elements = element.getElementsByTagName(tagName);
for(var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
  if(elements[i].getAttribute("data-role") == "content") {
    // does something evil

Disclaimer: Code was not checked, just wrote it down quickly.

I've got a feeling that there's an elegant 1-line solution in jQuery, but I'm a novice. And I can't sleep before I know, so perhaps you stackoverflowers can help a bro out. ;-)

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Thanks guys for the super quzick solutions, I used Abraham's selector. Need to wait approx. 15 minutes until I can mark as solved. –  beta Aug 6 '13 at 6:38

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Or, in your case:


Will return the right elements.

From there, if you wanted to iterate over the set of elements that match this selector and do something evil, you could:


     Do something evil
     $(this) is the current element in the iteration

Please note that the tagName is optional. JQuery selectors can be concatenated at will, so you can query simulataneously for tagname (simple string), id (prefaced by #), class (prefaced by .) or attribute (in square brackets as above), or for any limited combination of them eg:


Are all valid queries, however keep in mind that jquery will only return elements that match ALL conditions in the query.

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Check out jQuery's list of attribute selectors. You're looking for something like

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use attribute equals selector


u can find more info here

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jQuery select by attribute selector:


And for an array use .each(); instead of for

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