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I have a TextView and i want to show multi colored text in that, i am using html.fromHtml for this, But it is not showing any color in this, My code is:

//statusToShow is a String
Log.d("html ==>", statusToShow) ;

Value from Log is

<span style='background-color:#80B5FF;color:#fff'>C</span> <span style='background-color:#CF8DEA;color:#fff'>P</span> <span style='background-color:red;color:#fff'>E</span> <span style='background-color:green;color:#fff'>D</span>

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2 Answers

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Try using Spannable like this:

Spannable WordtoSpan = new SpannableString("Text To Span");

WordtoSpan.setSpan(new BackgroundColorSpan(Color.BLUE), 0, 4,

This will make the background color of Text Blue.

Hope this helps.

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Not all tags are supported, list of supported tags is here: http://commonsware.com/blog/Android/2010/05/26/html-tags-supported-by-textview.html

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+1 Thanx now i will use <h1> –  Mr_Hmp Aug 6 '13 at 7:58
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