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I'm developing a closed source Android application. I was using db4o to persist data on the device and I found it very easy and straightforward to use. Unfortunately I didn't get informed about it's license which is GPL until now. As far as I understood it, by using db4o in my app I would have to make it open source, which I can't do. What would be the easiest, most painless replacement for db4o under a less restictive license (Apache)?

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Try OrmLIte . It has Android support, works fine and the API is relatively friendly. It uses the ISC license, similar to BSD.

Also, note that db40 has a commercial license as well, if that's an option.

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Thanks, may I ask what you mean by 'relatively'? –  Ascorbin Aug 6 '13 at 7:29
Heh, I thought I should edit that to clarify :). There are no bugs or anything like that, I meant specifically the "friendliness" of the API - by "relatively" here I meant that you have to spend some time to learn the ropes, especially for N-M mappings, but the learning curve is comparable to other frameworks. –  mikołak Aug 6 '13 at 7:33

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