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I am trying to connect to a web service using .net.

I have a "Blueprint" for this. However it is in PHP. I want to do this using .net and basically i do not have Visual Studio. I am running running WebMatrix.

I checked the ASP.Net forums and I got this answer there

"WebMatrix doesn't provide any tooling for managing Web References. Open the Razor web pages site in Visual Studio and use that instead".

I got this LINK from SO which is brilliant but does not serve my purpose and I cannot install Visual Studio on my system. I have to find a work around with Web Matrix.



//1. Include soap library

//2. instantiate soapclient class with the url of the soap server 
$client = new nusoap_client("URL for wsdl");

//3. Make a call to the web service
//the parameters to the Web Service must be encapsulated in an array in which the keys are the names defined for the service
$result = $client->call("Parameters to the Web Service));

//Display your result
echo "the latitude is ".$result;

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If you can't use Visual Studio Express for Web which is free (requires registration) to add the relevant service references and generate the proxy client, there is a command line tool called SvcUtil.exe that you can use to generate the required code for you.

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