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I know that there is no possibilty to distinguish any relationship between threads in the System.Thread model, but is it also not possible in the Task(Task) model?. I would like to profile a multithreaded application, the last thing I would like to do, is passing some kind of context to all my methods and threads. I would appreciate any ideas. What I would like to accomplish is similar to:

  1. ThreadMain -750ms (capture method calls)
    • Thread1 - 300ms (capture method calls)
      • Thread11 - 99ms (capture method calls)
      • Thread12 - 20ms (capture method calls)
    • Thread1 - 540ms (capture method calls)
      • Thread21 - 90ms (capture method calls)
      • Thread22 - 60ms (capture method calls)

I have an good idea of capturing the execution time using Postsharp, but I would like to find out the relationship of the parent/child threads. Any ideas?

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You can probably name the threads in a naming convention of NewThreadName.CreatedByThreadName and use the System.Diagnostics.Process.Threads property to find the threads associated with the process.

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There is no such thing, a thread is a thread - it doesn't have any notion of a "parent" or "child" threads.

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