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I want to replace a simple string "WEEK." (with a dot) in a text file with the string "TEST"

$A= "TEST"
(Get-Content $LOG) | Foreach { $_ -Replace "WEEK.", $A } | Set-Content $LOG;

The problem is that my file has this content:


And when I run my script the result is:


and the result that i want is:


I try with ^ "WEEK." and "^WEEK.$" but it not worked

Can you help me with the regexp? Thanks

====== EDIT ==================

Ok. I try with

$A= "TEST"
(Get-Content $LOG) | Foreach { $_ -Replace "WEEK\.", $A } | Set-Content $LOG;

and seems its works

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Seems you have answered your own question –  Chard Aug 6 '13 at 10:49

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The reason why this happened is because you have used pattern WEEK. The dot was a problem: in a regular expression world, the dot means "any character". That's why it was replacing both WEEK_ and WEEK..

When you have added backslash, then the dot was escaped ie. it lost it's special meaning. Thus making it work.

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