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    public partial class ProjectInstaller : Installer
        private ServiceInstaller m_serviceInstaller;
        private ServiceProcessInstaller m_processInstaller;

        public ProjectInstaller()
            string Names= ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Names"].ToString();
            m_serviceInstaller = new System.ServiceProcess.ServiceInstaller();
            m_processInstaller = new System.ServiceProcess.ServiceProcessInstaller();
            // serviceProcessInstaller1
            m_processInstaller.Account = System.ServiceProcess.ServiceAccount.LocalSystem;
            m_processInstaller.Password = null;
            m_processInstaller.Username = null;
            // serviceInstaller1
            m_serviceInstaller.ServiceName = "Testing" + Names;
            m_serviceInstaller.DisplayName = "Testing" + Names;
            m_serviceInstaller.Description = "Testing" + Names;
            // ProjectInstaller
            this.Installers.AddRange(new System.Configuration.Install.Installer[] {

My Project installer code as above , It will not get any compile error , but when I try to install it will Rollback , because it will throw exception System.Null referenceException. I also have double confirm that my AppConfig without any problem.

    <add key="Names" value="BOC" />

May I know where is going wrong.

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Please check that config file is published/copied in the running path of your app –  LittleSweetSeas Aug 6 '13 at 10:18
Yes, it is there –  abc cba Aug 6 '13 at 10:22

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