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I'm trying to implement a function that should return a Map, the Long values is IDs of two different systems. I'm using Java Playframework 2.

Let's say I have 100 systems in my database. The query finds if there is a relation between to systems and the output in sql is this:

1254          1380 
1254          1389 
1258          1259 
1259          1258 
1380          1254

I think this is a Map, right?

Here is my function:

public static Map<Long, Long> show_all_system_relations_between_systems() {
    List <Infoobjectrelationtype> typeIdList = Infoobjectrelationtype.find.where().ilike("designation","is_a").findList();
    Long typeId = typeIdList.get(0).infoobjectrelationtype_id; 

    List <Infoobject> ioList = Infoobject.find.where().ilike("designation","SYSTEM").findList();
    Long systemId = ioList.get(0).infoobjectId;

    SqlQuery query = Ebean.createSqlQuery("select distinct ir1.infoobject_id, ir2.infoobject_id from infoobjectrelation ir1, infoobjectrelation ir2 where ir1.related_infoobject_id = ir2.related_infoobject_id and ir1.related_infoobject_id !=" + systemId + " and ir1.infoobject_id != ir2.infoobject_id and ir1.infoobject_id in (select infoobject_id from infoobjectrelation where infoobjectrelationtype_id =" +typeId+ " and related_infoobject_id =" +systemId+ ") and ir2.infoobject_id in (select infoobject_id from infoobjectrelation where infoobjectrelationtype_id =" +typeId+ " and related_infoobject_id =" + systemId +") order by ir1.infoobject_id");
    Map<Long, Long> rows = query.findMap();

    return rows;

Error message:

incompatible types [found: java.util.Map< capture#481 of ?, com.avaje.ebean.SqlRow> [required: java.util.Map< java.lang.Long, java.lang.Long >]

How can I make this function work? Can I make a List of it instead?

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The findMap() method of SqlQuery does not return a Map<Long,Long>, it returns a Map<?, SqlRow>. See the ebean API here.

Try returning a List<SqlRow> instead, using findList(), and then use the methods contained in SqlRow to access the two Long values.

Here's the API doc for SqlRow.

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