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I have created a build file, and configured it according to my project (Selenium and Junit). Now the issue is when i run build file, it only runs the first class and saves the same in HTML report. Can any one tell me what m doing wrong and what should be edited / or replaced??

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="ant" default="exec" basedir=".">

    <property name="src" value="./src" />
    <property name="lib" value="./lib" />
    <property name="bin" value="./bin" />
    <property name="report" value="./report" />
    <path id="ant.classpath">
        <pathelement location="${bin}" />
        <fileset dir="${lib}">
            <include name="**/*.jar" />
            <include name="C:/Users/bhmehta/workspace/ant/lib/libs/*.jar" />

    <target name="init">
        <delete dir="${bin}" />
        <mkdir dir="${bin}" />

      <target name="compile" depends="init" description="compile the source " >
         <!-- Compile the java code from ${src} into ${build} -->
            <javac debug="true" 
                <!-- Copy files from ${src} into ${build} -->
            <copy todir="${bin}"> 
                <fileset dir="${src}">
                    <exclude name="**/*.java"/>

    <target name="exec" depends="compile">
        <delete dir="${report}" />
        <mkdir dir="${report}" />
        <mkdir dir="${report}/xml" />
                <classpath><pathelement location="${ant.classpath}" /> </classpath>     

                <test  name="testing.demo" haltonfailure="no" todir="${report}/xml" outfile="TEST-result">
                        <formatter type="xml" />

                <test  name="testing.demo1" haltonfailure="no" todir="${report}/xml" outfile="TEST-result">
                                        <formatter type="xml" />

            <junitreport todir="${report}">
                <fileset dir="${report}/xml">
                    <include name="TEST*.xml" />
                <report format="frames" todir="${report}/html" />

I have also tried some of the solutions given to similar questions, using <batchtest </batchtest> tags. But it shows error like

The <junit> type doesn't support ne sted text data (">").

I really don't know what is this all about. Please some one help

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You have a typo in your batchtest. Should be: <batchtest> </batchtest>. Try this:

<junit haltonfailure="no" printsummary="yes" fork="yes">
        <pathelement location="${ant.classpath}" />
    <formatter type="xml"/>
    <batchtest todir="${report}">
        <fileset dir="src" includes="**/*.class" />

Once your tests will run, configure the build the way you need.

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Thanks @Michael, it executes fine but the report are blank. – Bhomik Aug 6 '13 at 11:47
I`ve made an update. Please, give it a try. – Michael Cheremuhin Aug 6 '13 at 12:25
Nopes Michael, i am still getting the reports as below 'Tests Failures Errors Skipped Success rate Time 0 0 0 0 NaN 0.000' – Bhomik Aug 6 '13 at 12:46
My project structure is like this .. may be it can help you... C:. +---.settings +---bin ¦ +---testingnd +---lib ¦ +---libs +---report ¦ +---html ¦ +---xml +---src +---testing – Bhomik Aug 6 '13 at 13:03
I think i`ve found out. You are compiling sources to 'bin' folder, but we are running tests from 'src'. You should change to <fileset dir="bin". – Michael Cheremuhin Aug 6 '13 at 13:10

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