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Is it possible to somehow set a threshold for JUnit test cases that would stop Bamboo from failing a build when there are failing tests?

I know about the 'Quarantine' option, but it is not exactly what I am looking for. I do not want to have to manually move the test cases from the quarantined set. We have a TDD environment, where the test cases are based on a large set of external, annotated data, and we want to build up the coverage.

I want to see the actual results (e.g.: 43% pass) and tell Bamboo to succeed the build e.g. when the results are >40%.

By the way, if I stick to Quarantine, do I really have to pick them one by one? There are 10,000! :D

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Your update is exactly how I would have solved this: custom failure requirements are best handled with an intermediate script. Consider adding it as an answer. – Joe Aug 7 '13 at 12:45
So did you end up building another app that can render real results ? – JaDogg Nov 26 '14 at 10:36
I added a script after the tests are run and before letting Bamboo interpret the results. See the accepted answer. – ynka Nov 30 '14 at 17:43
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It seems that Bamboo does not support this use case. There are some plugins that try to deal with this.

What I finally did was to create an intermediate script that parses the test results (JUnit XML). There are three scenarios here:

  • all test pass: the XML is left as is
  • there are too many failing tests: the XML is left as is (the build will fail)
  • there are failing tests, but their number does not exceed the set threshold: the XML contents are substituted with "passing" contents so that Bamboo does not fail the build
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