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I have created a WebService, and I need to call another WebService from it. I am using the JaxWS annotations and have gotten to deploy the war onto WebSphere, only to get the exception: Validation error: Web method annotations cannot exist on 
implentation when WebService.endpointInterface is set

My WebService is the following:

@WebService(serviceName = "MyServiceName",
    targetNamespace = "http://myServiceNamespace/MyServiceName",
    endpointInterface = "com.mycompany.MyServiceInterface",
    portName = "MyServiceInterface")
public class MyServiceName implements MyServiceInterface{

YourService yourService;

Is there a simple alternative to using @WebServiceRef?

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Not sure how @WebServiceRef actually works, but whenever I want to call a WS_a from WS_b I just generate a client for WS_a and added it (as a jar) to WS_b and use it like any other class.

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Could you clarify how you 'use it like any other class'? – sworded Aug 8 '13 at 12:32
Not sure how much clearer this can be. Generated client (or proxy like some like to call it) is simply a set of classes that can be used by the WS to make the call. Not much more to say here. – Xargos Aug 9 '13 at 6:30

Too bad I cannot see the complete code. But anyways, the problem is rather clear, you have annotated the method in the implementation of your webservice, this is not allowed when you have a SEI which your Webservice implements.

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