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I need to have my mystory.story file and MyStory.java in different folders. Below is my configuration,

    public Configuration configuration() {
        return new MostUsefulConfiguration()
        // where to find the stories
                .useStoryLoader(new LoadFromClasspath(this.getClass()))
                // CONSOLE and TXT reporting
                        new StoryReporterBuilder().withDefaultFormats()
                                .withFormats(Format.CONSOLE, Format.HTML));

    // Here we specify the steps classes
    public List<CandidateSteps> candidateSteps() {
        // varargs, can have more that one steps classes
        return new InstanceStepsFactory(configuration(), new SurveySteps())

That is i need to use the folder structure as


instead of,


How can i achieve it ?

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Are you subclassing JunitStories/JunitStory? –  Katona Aug 7 '13 at 14:25
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I assume you use JUnitStory. I think the only thing you have to do is to put on the classpath both directories: test/config and test/stories. The default story resolver is org.jbehave.core.io.UnderscoredCamelCaseResolver this will create a story path like "org.jbehave.core.ICanLogin.java" -> "org/jbehave/core/i_can_login.story", and this will be loaded using the org.jbehave.core.io.LoadFromClasspath because that's the default resource loader. Since the src/stories directory is on the classpath, the resource loader will find it. Note that this requires that the classes and stories are placed in the same "package", that is if the class is com.foo.Bar (placed in src/config) then you have to place the corresponding story into com/foo/Bar.story (in src/stories). This is similar to separating resource files and java files into separate folders.

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