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I've built my application using MRI without taking into consideration threads or concurrency, and so the application is most definitely not threadsafe (many of dependencies certainly not). My question is could I still port this to JRuby and use Puma without using config.threadsafe! and still see improvements?

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Yes you can "The JRuby runtime itself is considered to be threadsafe. From Java, you can use a single runtime safely across threads, provided the code in those threads does not do thread-unsafe. Thread-safety does not mean your code will always run correctly; you will still often need to ensure threads don't step on each others' modifications."

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"provided the code in those threads does not do thread-unsafe" -- that's my concern. The gem dependencies could be doing any number of things which are not threadsafe. – Damien Roche Aug 6 '13 at 14:58

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