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Ok I have two modules which depend upon each other both modules have services, directives, ctrl's etc, now my question is how do i get values assigned in the nested function of the second module's service in the controller of the first service, I have added the dependencies to the first controller but i can't see to get at the nested functions variables to then manipulate them in the ctrl of the first module here's the code(considerably cut down):

        angular.module("mainapp", [
            ]).controller("AppCtrl", [
                     function (scope, source, attributes, AppDataLoader, booking, Booking) {

                           var getdaiyrate = function(){
                          var dumpDailyRates = scope.Booking.getalldates.getrates.dailyPrice 

    angular.module("bookingApp", ["",]);
    angular.module("").service("Booking", [
                function getRate(source, dateSheet, dateSheetCtrl, expect, $$childTail, appData) {
                                var dateValue = $("Date", source).text() || "";
                                if (!dateValue) {
                                    return null;
                                var dailyPrice = $("DailyPrice", source).text() || "";
                                var weeklyPrice = $("WeeklyPrice", source).text() || "";
                                var monthlyPrice = $("MonthlyPrice", source).text() || "";
                                var isAvailable = $("IsAvailable", source).text() === "1";
                                var minimumStay = Number($("MinimumStay", source).text());
                                if (isNaN(minimumStay)) {
                                    minimumStay = DEFAULT_MINIMUM_STAY;
                                return {
                                    date: new Date(dateValue),
                                    dailyPrice: dailyPrice,
                                    weeklyPrice: weeklyPrice,
                                    monthlyPrice: monthlyPrice,
                                    reserved: !isAvailable,
                                    minimumStay: minimumStay
                            return {
                            getalldates: function(source, $scope){
                                return getRate(source, scope);


The above doesn't work what am i doing wrong.... Could someone please send me in the direction of a decent tutorial that deals with a end to end app using various modules and dependencies?? Chris

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You need to inject the service module into the module that you want to use it in. So the first line becomes

angular.module("mainapp", ["dateSheet","bookingApp",""])

Also i don't see the creation of so this may also be required


and the invocation would be something like this

var dumpDailyRates = Booking.getalldates(sourceParameter, $scope);
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@Chandermai thank you I'm still having trouble with the invocation though I'm doing this: ` return { getalldates: function(dailyPrice, source, scope){ return getRate(source, scope); },` Then this in my call: scope.getdatesall = function(){ var dumpDailyRates = scope.Booking.getalldates(source, scope, dailyPrice); var dumpDailyRatesnew = dumpDailyRates.dailyPrice; console.log(dumpDailyRates); }; Cannot call method 'getalldates' of undefined – vimes1984 Aug 6 '13 at 14:01
Can you put your script code in a fiddle so that i can understand. – Chandermani Aug 6 '13 at 15:08
of Course but it's large i'm refractoring it beacuse of just this. the line with the xml binding to the dom is line 869 - 932 and the main is at at the top line 16 - 65 – vimes1984 Aug 6 '13 at 15:15
I can pop on the chat here if that helps aswell.. – vimes1984 Aug 6 '13 at 15:16
The service Booking is available in the function parameters so you dont need to use scope.Booking, i have updated the answer – Chandermani Aug 6 '13 at 16:41

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