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I have 2 MySQL DB tables called roles (representing user access role) and modules (representing allowed modules per role). Each role can have many modules and each module can have many roles.

I want to add a crud representing roles table with a multiselect field allowing to select all related modules. What is the best way to do that. Thanks in advance.

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There can be multiple solutions for this.

First one - use User CRUD with expander with Roles (should work):

$crud = $this->add('CRUD');

if (! $crud->isEditing()) {
    // add subCRUD
    $sub_crud = $crud->addRef('UserRole', array(
        'extra_fields' => array('role'),
        'view_options' => array('entity_name' => 'Role'),
        'label' => 'Roles'

Second one - use Grid with Roles + grid->addSelectable($fields) (not tested, but just to give you idea):

$grid = $this->add('Grid');

Third one - use two lists with roles (available roles and associated roles) and some buttons to "move" role from one list to another. Something like this: (can't find link to appropriate Codepad page now) :(

There definitely can be even more ways to do this.

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I used user and role n:n relation as example. In your case that will be role and modules n:n relation. –  DarkSide Aug 8 '13 at 21:41

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