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After receiving a mail using GAE python inbound_services . I am trying to find out the attached files content type.

My code is like this :

class LogSenderHandler(InboundMailHandler):
   if hasattr(mail_message, 'attachments'):
        for filename, filecontents in mail_message.attachments:
            payload = None
            if filecontents.encoding and filecontents.encoding.lower() != '7bit':
                payload = filecontents.payload.decode(filecontents.encoding)
              except LookupError:
                raise UnknownEncodingError('Unknown decoding %s.' % filecontents.encoding)
              except (Exception, Error), e:
                raise PayloadEncodingError('Could not decode payload: %s' % e)
              logging.info("with out decoddinnngggg")
              payload = filecontents.payload

Using this code i can get only the file name and file type. But i have to get the files content type also. In this code the 'mail_message.attachments' gives a list of file attachment and from that we can get only the 'filename' and 'filecontents' of the attachments. I want to find out whether the files are excel file and then proceed the process.

So how to find out the content type of the file....?

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