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How to add multiple json values in a single cell of dataTable. I am going through the datatables documentation but cant get a clear example.

I have the following JSON string which I am accessing it through a session into a dataTable.

<textarea id="Report" type="text" style="" name="Report">
    "Identifier": "0",
    "LastName": "Cooper",
    "FirstName": "Benny",
    "MiddleInitial": "P",
    "MRN": "7854753",
    "Age": "30",
    "Gender": "Female",
            "Bed": "1",
            "Room": "A",
            "unit": "NU1",
            "facility": "Fac1"
    "ChargeAndDx":"99222 - 410.01,428",
    "BillingProvider":"Palmer, James",
    }] </textarea>

on the other page where I am accessing the session in the datatable is aas follows:

$(document).ready(function (){

var ReportData=JSON.parse(document.getElementById("Report").innerHTML);
                [   {"mData":"LastName","sClass":"left"},
                    {"mData":"null","sClass":"center","sDefaultContent":"<a href='' class='editor_menu'>menu</a>"}


In my datatable where the LastName appears I want the FirtName, Middle Initial, MRN and age as well.

How is that done. If some one knows a quick way to do this.

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You could use the mRender parameter like this:

    "mRender":function(data, type, full){
       return full.FirstName + full.LastName + full.MiddleInitial;
   {"mData":"null","sClass":"center","sDefaultContent":"<a href='' class='editor_menu'>menu</a>"}
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Thank you for the response. Till the time I waited for a response I tired an alternative and Cloned the JSON string. Got the FirstName and LastName and Middle initial in a single object/field and then passed it to the dataTable. But I will try this. This looks like and easy alternative. –  user2415379 Aug 7 '13 at 13:05
It works. thanks –  user2415379 Aug 7 '13 at 18:21
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