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I use Dropzone.js and I implemented a custom constraint for files that rejects files with the same filename. Heres my code of the initialisation:

var myDropzone = new Dropzone("div#myId", {
  url: MpgCommon.app.route('upload_files_path'),
  addRemoveLinks: true,
  thumbnailWidth: "80",
  thumbnailHeight: "80",
  dictCancelUpload: "Cancel",
  parallelUploads: 12,
  uploadMultiple: false,
  autoProcessQueue: false,
  accept: function(file, done) {
    var selected_filenames = $.map(myDropzone.files, function(selected_file) {
      return (selected_file.name.replace(/\.[^.]+$/, ''));
    var filename = file.name.replace(/\.[^.]+$/, '')
    if ($.inArray(filename, selected_filenames) != selected_filenames.length-1){
      var error_msg = "Error!";
      $('.edit_tooltip .gui_message.error').css({display: "block"}).html(error_msg);
    else {
      $('.edit_tooltip .gui_message.error').css({display: "none"}).html('');

Now it seems that the accept function is called when a file is added but not when a file is removed from the dropzone. So is it possible to invoke the accept function programmtically?

I tried this, but it dosn't work:

myDropzone.on("removedfile", function(file) {
  var rejected_files = myDropzone.getRejectedFiles();
  rejected_files.forEach(function () {

The error I get in the console is:

TypeError: done is not a function
if ( args ) {
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I responded to this question on github: https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/257

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