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DUPLICATE OF how to merge pdf files(or ps if not possible) such that every file will begin in a odd page? (unix)

I have a serie of documents, each one with an unpredictable number of pages.

Say :

  • a.pdf (1 page : A1)
  • b.pdf (3 pages : B1, B2, B3)
  • c.pdf (4 pages : C1, C2, C3, C4)

I want to merge these input files into one out.pdf, that I'll print double-side. Every first page of the input files must be on a front (right) page.

This means the expected result would be


with "--" being a blank page.

Currently, I'm using pdftk cat.

There seem to be a solution through heavy scripting, using :

# Get number of pages
pdftk x.pdf dump_data | grep "NumberOfPages"
# If the number of pages is odd, add a blank page to x.pdf
# Loop
# Cat the whole

I was wondering if there might be a more simple an elegant solution ?

For example, is it possible to add page-breaks at the begining of each file ?

Thanks in advance

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there is no such thing as a page break in pdf – yms Aug 6 '13 at 15:54
Well at least that door is closed, thanks. – François Verry Aug 6 '13 at 16:22
@yms: He wants to insert empty pages. – Martin Schröder Aug 8 '13 at 12:38
it seems to me that you are in this same… – Dingo Aug 8 '13 at 18:16

This can be done with pdfjam (which uses TeX; see TeX.SE); the pdfpages package it uses has an option openright which can probably automatically achieve what you want.

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