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I'm a little confused with the "from start" column in the output of MiniProfiler.

                                                     duration (ms) with children (ms) from start (ms) 
 http://www.example.com:80/users/                    574.2         13082.1            +0.0  
   IService: .Stuff.Interfaces.Logging.ILogging...   0.1           0.1                +454.8  
   Controller: UserController.Index                  105.8         105.8              +455.0  
   IService: .Stuff.Interfaces.Logging.ILogging...   0.1           0.1                +561.0  
   IService: .Stuff.Interfaces.Logging.ILogging...   0.0           0.0                +561.2  
   Find: ~/Sections/Users/Views/Layouts/UserLay...   0.0           0.0                +561.5  
   Render partial: ~/Sections/Users/Views/Layouts..  1619.7        12401.9            +561.5 

I'm not quite clear on why the logging call is 454.8ms from the beginning of profiling when the only step before it took 574.2ms. As I understand it, the duration column is the duration for that step only, not including children. So if the first step took 574.2ms without any child steps, how can the first child step occur at 454.8ms?

If there's something about the relationship that means that the logging call starts before the first call is finished, my question would be why did it take 454.8ms to start (from start is the time at the start of a step, right?)? Is this because there are other calls that aren't being profiled?

Thanks for any info.

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