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I'm trying to do some data visualization with a db.

At first I used morris.js, which worked great with my data. I'll explain more right after. I'm now trying to use d3.js, since I have to create horizontal stacked bars, multiple chart lines, and more …

This is my table : (I don't have 10 reputations, I can't post my picture)

I have to draw 5 different lines on the chart. "Heure" being the x-axis, the other columns being the different lines.

With morris, my datas were like this (r_print in JSON at the end of the .php [{"x":"1","a":"34","b":"15","c":"49","d":"15","e":"3"}, {"x":"2","a":"36","b":"13","c":"49","d":"12","e":"2"}, … ]

Where x is the time data (and the x-axis, and the a-e letters are others line dots for each hours.)

But with d3.js, those arrays do not work anymore, and I got to change my php to obtain something like this :

[{"x": 1, "y": 5}, { "x": 2, "y": 20}, { "x": 3, "y": 10}, … , { "x": 23, "y": 60}]

[{"x": 1, "y": 13}, { "x": 2, "y": 14}, { "x": 3, "y": 5}, … , { "x": 23, "y": 48}]

Where each line is a different column.

This is my php :

<?php include 'connexion.php' ?>

////////////////// out_evo_tat   
$requete = $db->prepare('SELECT * FROM out_evo_tat');

while($row = $requete->fetch()) { 

    // $tableau[]=array('x'=>$row['Heure'],'a'=>$row['TAT_CHAINE'],'b'=>$row['TAT_PREA'],'c'=>$row['TAT_GLOBAL'],'d'=>$row['NBR_TESTS'], 'e'=>$row['NBR_TUBES'] );
    // $tableau[]=array($row['Heure'],$row['TAT_CHAINE'],$row['TAT_PREA'],$row['TAT_GLOBAL'],$row['NBR_TESTS'], $row['NBR_TUBES'] );

    $tableau[]= array (
        array($row['Heure'], $row['TAT_PREA']),
        array($row['Heure'], $row['TAT_GLOBAL']),
        array($row['Heure'], $row['NBR_TESTS']),
        array($row['Heure'], $row['NBR_TUBES'])

echo json_encode($tableau);


How can I modify this code above to obtain something usable with d3.js ?

I think i have to use nested loops but I can't solve it by myself …

I tried to explain it the easiest way but it is maybe difficult to understand as I explained, so do not hesitate to ask me more.

Thank you

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Once you've generated your array as shown in your PHP code, the following uses that array to produce an array of JSON strings:

array_unshift($tableau, null);
$tableau = call_user_func_array('array_map', $tableau);
$json = array();
foreach ($tableau as $key => $val){
    $out = array();
    foreach ($val as $key2 => $val2){
        $item = new stdClass;
        $item->x = $val2[0];
        $item->y = $val2[1];
        $out[] = $item;
    $json[] = json_encode($out);


    [0] => [{"x":0,"y":35},{"x":1,"y":34},{"x":2,"y":36},{"x":3,"y":35}]
    [1] => [{"x":0,"y":10},{"x":1,"y":15},{"x":2,"y":13},{"x":3,"y":15}]
    [2] => [{"x":0,"y":45},{"x":1,"y":49},{"x":2,"y":49},{"x":3,"y":50}]
    [3] => [{"x":0,"y":10},{"x":1,"y":15},{"x":2,"y":12},{"x":3,"y":5}]
    [4] => [{"x":0,"y":2},{"x":1,"y":3},{"x":2,"y":2},{"x":3,"y":1}]
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Thanks ! I doubt at first side but this works ! But now I got to understand how works d3 … – MathieuLuyten Aug 6 '13 at 15:27
You're welcome. The first two lines of the code do a matrix transform which essentially turns a matrix on its side. That's a very useful maneuver when working with arrays. – Pé de Leão Aug 6 '13 at 16:22
I'll remember this, thanks a lot. Do you know d3.js ? I got more problems with it, should I ask them here (since I use those shown datas) or should I create another post ? – MathieuLuyten Aug 7 '13 at 8:21
@MathieuLuyten - I don't know anything about d3.js, so another post would probably be your best bet. – Pé de Leão Aug 7 '13 at 8:23
Since I have problems with d3, I try to use another librairy. Do you have any advices for that choice ? Since I'll have to create stacked bars and multiple lines charts, I'm now trying to use Could you help me editing your code so the JSON follows the required format (link) ? – MathieuLuyten Aug 7 '13 at 14:22

I think google have a lot of APIs to create charts... i found this one:Populating Data Using Server-Side Code

PS:Im not a PHP programmer...i know a little only.

I think it will help you ...

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