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I'm running into problem using FinalBuilder 7 where some of my projects (converted from Delphi 7 to XE2 a few years ago) are failing to build because they can't find units in VCL namespaces (controls, spin, etc..)

When I click "Load Settings from Project File" in Final Builder, it takes out the default framework on the directories tab and sets it to none. So then, I don't have VCL in my list of namespace prefixes. I can the framework to VCL, but it still doesn't build unless I uncheck "Compiler" under Load Settings from project File.

I don't know how to see what the dcc32 is actually doing via finalbuilder (if someone can show me this, I can probably manage to fix the problem and answer my own question if it's too convoluted). But in any event, I can't tell you what the difference is between loading the settings from the project file and not doing so.

Unless it's some sort of bug, I think I could also fix this problem by adding the framework to the original project in Rad Studio (which is why the title of the question is what it is), but I don't know how to do that and I don't know whether or not it has been done, it's not asking me to add a framework any more and I don't remember if I did so in the first place, the files that are giving me grief are Windows Services and Console Applications.

I'd like to be able to use my Configurations/optionsets and dproj files to load Packages, Compiler Options, Linker options and Search Paths that the programmers set themselves, but manage output paths, conditional defines and version numbers in FinalBuilder.

Follow Up

Following Robert Love's advice, I started monkeying with the base configuration.

Adding VCL and VCL.samples to the base configuration and then saving the dproj allowed me to compile in FinalBuilder, I had just had it in child configurations (probably because I had to add them later since they're Console and Service apps (but that could just be a coincidence)).

If I could still get the crux of this question (adding the VCL framework to an already converted project) I could more easily fix this problem uniformly in all my projects. Does anyone know how to get to the framework chooser screen?

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I would open Delphi edit the Global Library path if only slightly and saving the changes. This updates a 2nd storage area for the paths that is not always set correctly.

Then edit your Delphi Project and make sure the Base configuration path is same a the Global Settings, and that your release/debug are not overriding the base and removing the VCL Library Directories.

Then Retry in FinalBuilder

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OK, I just tried the global library path thing you mentioned. It didn't compile in finalbuilder. But you're right about the base configuration. I added vcl and vcl.samples to the base configuration and now it does. Thanks! –  Peter Turner Aug 6 '13 at 15:35

To add the framework to an already existing project, you can use the Framework option on the Directories tab in FinalBuilder.


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yeah, I saw that part, but only in finalbuilder, not in Rad Studio it doesn't have any permanent effect on the dproj –  Peter Turner Aug 7 '13 at 13:13

Unfortunately Delphi has a habit of making a mess of the child configs with projects that are upgraded. We see this a lot (in support requests), and unfortunately the best answer is to delete the dproj file and let delphi create a new one.. and then setup your configurations again.

I just spent 2 days doing this recently when we upgraded the Finalbuilder source from D2010 to XE2, it was painfully boring (70 projects in a group), but at least it works properly now.

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