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I have a small Backbone / Underscore app. I have rendered one template, along with rendering a method call "onclick" of a button (which works smoothly, btw). The function which is called, renders another template, which has another method call "onclick" of a button.

  • #showTransportsTemplate: first template / has a "transport" model passed to it
  • bookTicket(tid): first function / uses "tid" to fetch the associated transport model from the collection AND sets them into a "booking model" which is passed on to the second template
  • #confirmBookingTemplate: second template
    • confirmBooking() : second method (which exists but is not being recognized and hence not called)

Here is the code:

related part of app.js:

function bookTicket(tid)
    alert("received tid: "+tid);
    var transport = transportList.findWhere({id:tid});

    var newBooking = new Booking();

    var confirmBookingTemplate = _.template($('#confirmBookingTemplate').html(), {booking: newBooking});
               alert(confirmBookingTemplate); // for testing purposes


function confirmBooking()
    alert("confirmBooking"); // no further code written coz this function is not getting called

The two templates:

<script type="text/template" id="showTransportsTemplate">

            <table border="1">


                <th> Source </th>
                <th> Destination </th>
                <th> Date Available </th>
                <th> Class </th>
                <th> Rate </th>
                <th> Book </th>

                <% _.each(selTransports, function (transport) {  

                    var myid= transport.get("id");



                        <td align="center"> <%= transport.get("source") %> </td>
                        <td align="center"> <%= transport.get("destination") %> </td>
                        <td align="center"> <%= transport.get("date") %> </td>
                        <td align="center"> <%= transport.get("class") %> </td>
                        <td align="center"> <%= transport.get("rate") %> </td>
                        <td> <input type="button" onclick="bookTicket('<%= myid %>')" value="Book"> 
                        <td> <%= myid %> </td>



        <script type="text/template" id="confirmBookingTemplate">
             <br /><br />
            <h3> Booking Details </h3>

            <br />

            <table cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3">
            <td> <b> Customer Name: </b> </td>
            <td> <input type="text" id="cname" /> </td>

                <td colspan="2"> 

                    var travel;
                        if (booking.get("mode") === "F") travel = "Flight"
                        else if (booking.get("mode") === "B") travel = "Bus"
                        else if (booking.get("mode") === "T") travel = "Train"

                    <b><%= travel %></b> from <b><%=booking.get("source")%></b> to <b><%=booking.get("destination")%></b>
                   in <b><%=booking.get("class")%></b> class on <b><%=booking.get("date")%></b> 

            <td> <b> Cost per ticket: </b> </td>
            <td> Rs. <%= booking.get("rate") %> </td>

            <td> <b> No. of Adults: </b> </td>
            <td> <input type="text" id="adults" /> </td>

            <td> <b> No. of  Children: </b> </td>
            <td> <input type="text" id="children" /> </td>

            <td> <b> Total Amount: </b> </td>
            <td> <output  id="totalAmount"> </output> </td>

                <td colspan="2" align="center"> 

                <input type="button" value="Book Ticket" id="confirm" onclick="confirmBooking()">


I tried with Chrome, the error was "object is not a function". Firebug says: "confirmBooking()" is not a function, BUT IT ALREADY EXISTS.

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Underscore's template function uses a javascript with block when evaluating templates, which means that any "unqualified names" are assumed to be part of the data object passed-in to the template method. In this case, confirmBooking is not part of that object, and so the template is not able to find it.

If you truly wish to invoke a global function from within your template (and you should think twice about defining functions in the global namespace), then you may do so by explicitly referencing the window object, like so:

window.someGlobalFunction = function() {
    return "It worked!";   

<script type="text/template" id="template">
    <%= window.someGlobalFunction() %>

A functioning example:

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Thanks for the input. But one such global function, the first one, it worked... – Navin Israni Aug 7 '13 at 6:06
Still not working.. – Navin Israni Aug 7 '13 at 6:23
Worked! but not with the window object. I create my own temp global object and attached my function to it. Thanks :-) – Navin Israni Aug 7 '13 at 6:29

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