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I have a step definition to create and login a user. Without javascript it runs fine. If you add the javascript tag to the Scenario I get some weird behaviour. If I print out page.source or page.html or page.body I get the html I expect but if I try page.find("anything") it can't find anything. The only tags I can find are html, body, and head and they seem to be empty. I have tried save_and_open_page and the page it opens displays correctly minus the css and js files which it can't find. I have also tried page.driver.render('screenshot.png', full: true) and it gives me the following: Screenshot

My guess is that this is the issue but I have no idea what is happening. There seems to be an issue with my load path though. The following are relevant files.


Given(/^I am an authenticated user$/) do
  @user = FactoryGirl.create(:user)
  visit "/users/sign_in"
  puts "==============================================="
  puts page.source
  puts "==============================================="
  puts page.find("input"
  puts "==============================================="
  #page.driver.render('_screenshot.png', :full => true)
  fill_in "user_email", :with => @user.email
  fill_in "user_password", :with => @user.password
  click_button "Sign In"


Scenario: Login
  Given I am an authenticated user


@import "compass/css3/font-face";
  $fontAwesomePath: font-path("hummingbird_site_manager/fontawesome-webfont") !default;
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