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I honestly don't know where to start on this one. But I got the idea in my head, and I would very much like to see if it's possible to execute.

I'm using Instagram jQuery plugin to load instagram images based on a hashtag. What I would like to achieve (or rather, have someone help me achieve) is to set the number of images to load AND their width depending on the window size.

ex. 1 if window is 1200px wide, load 12 picture with a width of 100px on each image ex. 2 if window is 800px wide, load 10 pictures with a width of 80px on each image etc...

But this has to be done dynamically so that the number of images and their width always correspond to a total of the windows width. This is for one, to make sure that there is only one row of images (without the use of "overflow hidden" etc).

Here is what I have so far

$(document).ready(function() {
var insta_container = $(".instaflow"), insta_next_url

    hash: 'ASuperAwesomeHashTag',
    clientId : 'MY_CLIENT_ID',
    show : 16,
    onComplete : function (photos, data) {
        insta_next_url = data.pagination.next_url
        var instaimg = $('img.instagram-image');
        instaimg.css({ 'width': ($(window).width()/1) });

$('button').on('click', function(){
var button = $(this), text = button.text()

    if (button.text() != 'LOADING' && button.hasClass('icon-plus-sign-alt')){
            next_url : insta_next_url,
            show : 8,
            onComplete : function(photos, data) {
                if ($('.instagram-placeholder').children().text() != ""){
                insta_next_url = data.pagination.next_url

So, the "show" value has to be relativ to how much width there is to utilize. Loading 20 photos in a window that is only 600px wide won't look nice. + I want to make sure that there is only ONE row of images (without using overflow hidden on DIVs etc. Since there is a load more button, it wouldn't show the "more pictures if they are "trapped" in a DIV that "cuts of"). That's why I also need to define the width based on the number of images with the width of the window.

I understand that this might be a"diffuse" question. But if anybody feels they can help me in getting this done I would very much appreciate it.

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This will always leave the images with dimensions of 100px each

var img_amount = $(window).width()/100;
//in this case each image dimension will be 100px
var img_dimension = $(window).width()/img_amount; 
//if you want to go for a cross browser solution and not use the css property 'box-sizing'
//subtract the padding and margins of the images (if any)
img_dimension -= [padding + margin];
//subtract any borders
img_dimension -= [border width];

Now if you want to have as many pictures as possible without making the distorting the page layout you could do something like this:

var reduced_dimension = $(window).width()/100;
var min_amount = 6;
var img_amount = min_amount + parseInt(reduced_dimension/2);

and this way if the window width is 800px, then img_amoung = 6 + parseInt(8/2) which will be 10

to determine the number of images based on a minimum image width and and minimum image height you could do this:

function determineAmount(width, divisor){
    var reduced_dimension = width/divisor;
    var min_dimension = 50; //minimum 50px
    var max_dimension = 250; //maximum 250px
    var min_amount = 6;
    //start calculations
    var img_amount = min_amount + parseInt(reduced_dimension/2);
    var img_dimension = width/img_amount;
    if(img_dimension < min_dimension){
       return determineAmount(width, divisor + 10);
    else if(img_dimension > max_dimension){
       return determineAmount(width, divisor - 10);

    return {'amount':img_amount,'dimension':img_dimension};

And you would call it like so: determineAmount($(window).width(), 100)
jsfiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/jwhrQ/

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wouldn't $(window).width()/$(window).width() always be 1? –  lomas09 Aug 6 '13 at 17:40
I just updated the answer. Something to note is that that is probably a really bad example of a function, but the logic is there. Check for the values and if they are not what you want, then call the function again –  lomas09 Aug 6 '13 at 17:53
Updated the fiddle: jsfiddle.net/jwhrQ/1 –  lomas09 Aug 6 '13 at 18:16
Do this: $(document).ready(function(){var values = determineAmount( $(window).width(), 100, 1)});var amount = values['amount']; var dimension = values['dimension']; .... –  lomas09 Aug 6 '13 at 18:24
... insta_container.instagram({ hash: 'ASuperAwesomeHashTag', clientId : 'MY_CLIENT_ID', show : amount, onComplete : function (photos, data) { insta_next_url = data.pagination.next_url var instaimg = $('img.instagram-image'); instaimg.css({ 'width': dimension+'px' }); } })//close document.ready }); –  lomas09 Aug 6 '13 at 18:25

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