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I have computed field in Lotus Notes form (client not web). I would like to show in this field how many days left from specific date till now. I've used @formula and everything is o.k. except one thing, I need to toggle form from read to edit mode and save it otherwise value in the field isn't updating and keep showing old value. How can I perform this task without using an agent? Thank you.

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Change the field type to Computed for Display.

And if you need to show that same value in a view column, you can copy the field formula to the column formula.

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Thank you, you were right but I also have had to delete all old forms created and stored in db because only new forms work as needed. – Anatoly Aug 7 '13 at 20:10
Next time you (or anyone else) runs into this: you didn't have to delete the documents. You could have just run a one-line agent against those old documents to delete the previously stored item values from those documents. The agent syntax would be FIELD yourComputedFieldName := @DeleteField; Once the stored items are removed from the documents, the Computed for Display field on the form would work for all documents. – Richard Schwartz Aug 8 '13 at 1:22

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