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Via SQL Server 2012, I am doing a process repeatedly for multiple databases. I am creating a new view for each database based on the tables and views I already have in each corresponding database. The new views are in the same structure, and should be all put in a new database.

Background Info: Each database shares the same structure, same tables, same views, and same variable names for corresponding tables/views, except that the names of the databases and tables are different. And of course, the values of all the variables are different.

For example:

ID(int), Age(int), Salary(float)

ID(int), Age(int), Salary(float)

New View:
ID(int), Salary*0.1 as Revenue

My naive code:

USE Database3
CREATE VIEW dbo.NewView11
SELECT ID, Salary*0.1 AS Revenue
FROM Database1.dbo.View11

CREATE VIEW dbo.NewView21
SELECT ID, Salary*0.1 AS Revenue
FROM Database2.dbo.View21

the NewView11, NewView21 are in the Database3.

I know it will be simple to copy and paste for multiple databases. But the actual number of the databases are more than 2 and the query is more complicated. So copy and paste may cause more careless errors more easily.

Can someone share some wisdom to do it with a more accurate and standard way, rather than my clumsy copy and paste way? I am open to any strategies to solve this problem. Here are some ideas I borrowed from other languages, it may NOT work here in SQL Server.

  1. macro variable as one using in Excel.
  2. a storage function as one using in Javascript/Python/Ruby, etc.
  3. a loop.
  4. Others. Thanks in advance for your help!
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This very much sounds like an XY Problem..‌​. Why don't you tell us why you'd want to achieve such a scenario? –  gvee Aug 6 '13 at 21:46
Hi@mr.Reband, Thanks for the info. Looks good. I am digesting it slowly... Seems a lot of new info to me... –  Linguistics Student Aug 7 '13 at 2:02
Hi@gvee, Thanks for the reminder. It could be. As I stated, I am looking for a solution to repeat the process multiple times more efficiently, rather than copy and paste the same code, and tweak them one by one. I am open to other strategies, if it is not a "Macro" way to deal with the problem. –  Linguistics Student Aug 7 '13 at 2:05
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