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I have page that loads data from a stored procedure on a SQL Server 2008 R2 server. The sproc takes about 3.5 min to run (that terrible but the DBA's say there is nothing we can do about it). I have set the following:

$query = "exec uspma_InvoiceClass $this->intranetUserId, '$discountFilter','$this->cvId', '$startDate', '$endDate'";
                    odbc_setoption($this->dbLink, 1,4 , 600);
                    odbc_setoption($this->dbLink, 1,5, 600);
    if (odbc_exec($this->dbLink, $query) === FALSE) {

I have also modified the php.ini settings to set max_execution_time = -1, max_input_time = -1

The query times out after approximately 70 seconds (it has gone as long as 77 and as short as 69). We do get some data back, but not all of the data we are expecting. Any help would be appreciated.

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