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I have a service that I am trying to run constantly as long as the user has it on. The problem is the service uses a ton of memory; I'm guessing because it notifies the users and displays images constantly. So I put the bulk of my code in another activity. The service just calls the activity.

The issue is that I'm trying to use the return Start_Sticky to restart the service when it needs to. It takes about 2 hours before it uses up enough memory to need to restart. When it does restart it doesn't do the onStartCommand am I missing something?

public class AUTOAlarmService extends Service {
public void onCreate() {

public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) {
    return null;

public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {
    Intent DI = new Intent(getBaseContext(), AUTOSERVICES.class);
    return START_STICKY;

public boolean onUnbind(Intent intent) {
    return super.onUnbind(intent);


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I think you should reconsider some work done because your service is taking too much resources and that shouldnt be happening any way. There are many applications with a lot of services but non have problem of restarting the device for that matter.

However if you want to restart a service you have to stop and then start the service again.

stopService(new Intent(this, YourService.class));
startService(new Intent(this, YourService.class));

Hope it helps.

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Ya I've been combing through the code fixing what I can. So just having this in my code ensures that when the service restarts the onstartcommand method runs again? –  Jasz Aug 6 '13 at 22:35
Yes It does. Because your service is stopped. BTW I was thinking may be this help you a little bit in a better way to write the service. Check the link,… –  Ahmed Aug 6 '13 at 22:40
It is restarting but the memory is still all used up. My app is using over 50MB and then when I call stopService(new Intent(this, YourService.class)); startService(new Intent(this, YourService.class)); its still using the same amount of memory –  Jasz Aug 7 '13 at 15:06
Issue was to restart the service. That is reolved. Open up a new question. And send me the link. Provide your activity's code so that I can look into the code and help you out with the issue. I'll be glad to help you. And please dont forget to tick mark this answer as a correct answer. Thanks :) –  Ahmed Aug 7 '13 at 15:22
Here is the link and thanks for the method Ahmed… –  Jasz Aug 7 '13 at 15:43

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