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I have 2 controllers. A ManageCtrl to show a list of items and SearchCtrl one to manage a search box with various filtering options. On search I broadcast an event that I currently listen/act on in the ListCtrl. But I would like to clean this up because in the ListCtrl I am not happy how this is handled.

angular.module('myApp.services', []).factory('Search', function() {
  return {text:''};

angular.module('myApp.controllers', [])..controller('SearchCtrl',  ['$scope', 'Search', function($scope, Search){
   $scope.search = Search;
   $scope.submitSearch = function() {

angular.module('myApp.controllers', []).controller('ManageCtrl', ['$scope', '$dialog', 'config', 'Search', 'Restangular', function($scope, $dialog, config, Search, Restangular) {

  $scope.searchFromService = Search;

  $scope.$on('onSearch', function() {

  var getData = function() {
      if($scope.search) {
        // do things to modify my query
      // Note - I just switched from $http to restangular so this doesn't show the application of the filering options
      Restangular.all('orders').getList().then(function(items) {
        $scope.items = items;



So I would like to refactor this to using it in a resource type of way but not sure how to handle the search (and pagination which I have also). Basically I want to pass the items result/promise to my ManageCtrl and have all search/filter/pagination requests be handled outside of that.

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Eh, @KyleMit: the easy way to add JavaScript syntax highlighting for these is to just add the javascript tag... I've gone ahead and enabled syntax highlighting for angularjs too though, just to save you the trouble. –  Shog9 Aug 6 '13 at 22:49
@Shog9, ok, thanks –  KyleMit Aug 6 '13 at 22:50

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