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I am able to create a simple pdf using iText api inside a struts action class.
The data that should be passed into the pdf is generated on screen based on user search parameters.
What I am wondering is how I can pass the data into the struts action so it can be displayed in the pdf?

Thanks in advance.

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Similar question is already here. You just need to transfer everything that is on the page to struts action. I would do it like so:


<div id="content">
  wrap everything generated in here
<html:hidden styleId="hiddenHtml" name="hiddenHtml"/>
<html:submit onclick="setContentAsParam();">Export PDF</html:submit>


function setContentAsParam() {
    document.getElementById('hiddenHtml').value = document.getElementById('content').innerHTML

This will set all the HTML to a action class property hiddenHtml. Get back if anything won't work, I wrote this out of my head without a test :)

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