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Background: a LOB app we use has the ability to use macros written in VBScript, but no access to WScript, etc., as far as I know.

I have successfully received user input, passed it to a stored procedure on a SQL Server, and returned a recordset to the VBScript macro in the application.

What I want to do now, is write a function or loop or something, that for as long as there is a record left in the recordset, accept additional user input, and check this against the returned recordset.

The recordset returned from SQL Server contains two columns: PART_ID and PART_QTY. For as many number of entries there are, I want to accept additional user input, lets say PART_ID_INPUT and PART_QTY_INPUT, and validate it against the in-memory recordset.

My biggest problem is working with the disconnected recordset.

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When in doubt, read the documentation. You can use the Filter and RecordCount properties to determine if the recordset contains matching records:

part_id_input = InputBox("Enter part ID:")

If part_id_input <> "" Then
  rs.Filter = "PART_ID = '" & part_id_input & "'"
  If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then WScript.Echo "Found matching record."
End If

The filter is cleared by setting it to an empty string:

rs.Filter = ""

The current record can be removed from the recordset using the Delete method:


Navigate through records via MoveFirst/MoveLast/MoveNext/MovePrevious.

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