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I have two assemblies in my application. MyApplication.BO and MyApplication.GUI.

I have configured property-settings for my BO assembly.

Now when I am trying to compile the following code:

public class MyApplicationInfo
 private string _nameOfTheUser;
 public string FullNameOfTheUser
  get { return _nameOfTheUser; }
  set { _nameOfTheUser = value; }

 public void Save()
   MyApplication.BO.Properties.Settings.Default.FullNameOfTheUser = this.FullNameOfTheUser;

  catch (Exception ex)
   throw ex;

VS2005 is giving me the following compilation error:

Error 1 Property or indexer 'MyApplication.BO.Properties.Settings.FullNameOfTheUser' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only F:\CS\MyApplication\MyApplication.BO\MyApplicationInfo.cs 57 17 MyApplication.BO

What is wrong with my approach?

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In the Settings designer, make sure that the Scope property for FullNameOfTheUser is set to "User". If you create an Application-scoped setting, it is generated as a read-only property. Take a look at this article for more information.

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The setting needs to have user, not application scope.

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