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I created a User with the hash provided by the Cake .. But when I go to log in, says 'Invalid username or password'. But it's all right.

The $this->Auth->login(); always returns false...


class MastersController extends AppController{

public function login(){
    if ($this->request->is('post')) {
        if ($this->Auth->login()) {
        else {
            $this->Session->setFlash(__('Invalid username or password, try again'));
public function logout(){


class AppController extends Controller {

    public $components = array('Session', 'Cookie', 'Auth');
    function beforeFilter() {

        $this->Auth->userModel = 'Master';
        // Action da tela de login
        $this->Auth->loginAction = array(
                'masters' => false,
                'controller' => 'masters',
                'action' => 'login'

        // Action da tela após o login (com sucesso)
        $this->Auth->loginRedirect = array(
                'masters' => true,
                'controller' => 'masters',
                'action' => 'index'

        // Action para redirecionamento após o logout
        $this->Auth->logoutRedirect = array(
                'masters' => false,
                'controller' => 'pages',
                'action' => 'login'
        $this->Auth->authorize = array('controller');
        if (!isset($this->params['masters']) || !$this->params['masters'])

        $this->Auth->loginError = __('Usuário e/ou senha incorreto(s)', true);
        $this->Auth->authError = __('Você precisa fazer login para acessar esta página', true);

    public function isAuthorized($masters){
        return TRUE;

VIEW login.ctp

 echo 'Formulário de login';
echo $this->Session->flash('auth');
echo $this->Session->flash();
echo $this->Form->create('Master', array('controller'=>'masters','action'=>'login'));
echo $this->Form->input('username');
echo $this->Form->input('password');
echo $this->Form->end('Entrar');


class Master extends AppModel{
public $name = 'Master';
public $validate = array(
    'username' => array(
        'required' => array(
            'rule' => array('notEmpty'),
            'message' => 'Usuario requerido.'
    'password' => array(
        'required' => array(
            'rule' => array('notEmpty'),
            'message' => 'Senha requerida.'

public function beforeSave($options = array()) {
    if (isset($this->data[$this->alias]['password'])) {
        $this->data[$this->alias]['password'] = AuthComponent::password($this->data[$this->alias]['password']);
    return true;

I don't know why it is giving this error .. This all seems ok! I changed one letter of Security.salt, as he asked .. Help me :) I need it for work

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The password probably does not match or your session is not configured propertly. Is the result of debug(AuthComponent::password($this->data[$this->alias]['password'])) the same as the password value in your database? –  noslone Aug 7 '13 at 7:23

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if ($this->Auth->login()) {}

is a bad idea. the first will log you in, the second call will then - of course - return false (since you are already logged in).

If you really need to test this way, halt the code:

debug($this->Auth->login()); die();
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