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I facing problem in in identifying whats wrong with ,y code in Jquery widget . I trying to get this.options inside a public method . but i am getting error

"Type error: this.option is not defined"

" at bindOption at exactly at

self.find(this.options.selectionGroup + " " + this.options.selectionElement)

this.options is looks to me out of this scope , where i am going here ??

my code goes like below :

 _create: function() {

                var self = this;
                var $el = this.element;

                $el.find(this.options.optionsGroup + " .option").on('click',
                this._hideToggle($el, this.options.optionsGroup, 'show');

            bindOption: function() {

                $val = $(this).html();
                var self=this;
                $data = $(this).attr('data-option');
                 self.find(this.options.selectionGroup + " " + this.options.selectionElement)
                        .attr('data-selection', $data).html($val);


Solved :

was using self.find in the bindOption , but it need to apply find() on element so I changed

self.find(this.options.selectionGroup + " " + this.options.selectionElement) to

 self.element.find(this.options.selectionGroup + " " + this.options.selectionElement)
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You need to use

$el.find(this.options.optionsGroup + " .option").on('click', $.proxy(this.bindOption, this));

Since bindOption is added as a callback to an event, this inside bindOption does not point to the widget, it refers the dom element which triggered the event. You can fix it by passing a custom execution context to the callback handler using $.proxy()

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thank you very much for your response . actually the problem was im applying find() on 'self' but it should be on 'self.element' .Your proxy suggestion helped me to improve knowledge on Proxy thank you very much . –  panindra Aug 7 '13 at 3:46

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