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I have a Perl file which has an exec command in it. I was wondering if there is someway I can find the P.I.D of that process??? Then the exec command has another exec command in it. So is there a way I can get the P.I.D of the latest exec (in depth) being executed at the moment? I am using Perl, I don't know much about other languages, so if you think it will work, please let me know.

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As pavel said the PID stays the same after the exec, since this basically replaced the currently running process with the new one (and after the exec the calling process is NOT continued!). That said, you can always get your PID by looking at $$, e.g.

my $pid = $$;
print "My pid is $pid\n";

If you create a new child process (fork), then you get the PID of that process as the return value of the fork() call (in the parent process).

Hope this helps you, Christian

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exec replaces the current progam with the one executed. So the PID remains the same...

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