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I have implemented email like application which sends some data to email provided in one text view. For this I have done following: On each character typed on UITextView I prepare criteria string and open one UITableViewController in Popover just below textView. TableViewController display filtered data from prepopulated data source. Now when user select email from TableViewController then that name is passed to parent main view controler which holds both UITextView and Popover for UITableView controller. Wehn main view receives email string it will append that text to UITextView. My problem is if I set simple text by appending email to current text and call becomeFirstResponder on UITextView then it will show cursor blinking. But if I set HTML string using UITextView setValue:forKey method whith key value "ContentToHTMLString" then cursor is not blinking on end of text.If I click on UITextView again then only it shows cursor.

Please give your suggestions/input on this problem. Please note that before setting text to UITextView I dismiss popover controller which holds UITableView Controller.

Here I have added two methods which are called when user select email id form UITableView. Let me know if more detail is required. Please note that I cannot share full code here.

    -(NSString*) GetHTMLStringFromString:(NSString*)text
    NSString *htmlTag = @"<html>";
    NSString *htmlEndTag = @"</html>";
    NSString *aHrefTag = @"<a href=\"\">";
    NSString *aHrefTagEnd = @"</a>";
    NSString *finalHtmlString = htmlTag;
    NSArray *stringChunks = [text componentsSeparatedByString:@";"];
    for(NSUInteger index = 0; index < stringChunks.count -1;index++)
        finalHtmlString = [finalHtmlString stringByAppendingString:aHrefTag];
        finalHtmlString = [finalHtmlString stringByAppendingString:[stringChunks objectAtIndex:index]];
        finalHtmlString = [finalHtmlString stringByAppendingString:aHrefTagEnd];
        finalHtmlString = [finalHtmlString stringByAppendingString:@";"];
    finalHtmlString = [finalHtmlString stringByAppendingString:htmlTag];
    NSLog(@"\n\nFinal Html String: %@ \n\n",finalHtmlString);
    return finalHtmlString;

    NSLog (@" %s Selected Name: %@\n",__PRETTY_FUNCTION__,name);
    NSString *completeString = self.textView.text;
    //NSArray *namesArray= [completeString componentsSeparatedByString:@";"];
    NSString *userName = @"";
    NSLog(@"Calling FindCriteria from %s",__PRETTY_FUNCTION__);
    userName  = [self FindCriteriaFromString:completeString];
    //NSLog(@"Last username:%@",userName);
    NSRange selectionRange = [completeString rangeOfString:userName options:NSBackwardsSearch];
    //NSRange endselectionRange = [completeString rangeOfString:completeString options:NSBackwardsSearch];
    //NSLog(@" start pos:%d   end pos:%d",selectionRange.location,endselectionRange.length);
    //textView.selectedRange = selectionRange;
    //UITextPosition *start = [textView positionFromPosition:textView.beginningOfDocument offset:selectionRange.location-1];
    //UITextPosition *end = [textView positionFromPosition:textView.beginningOfDocument offset:endselectionRange.length];
    //UITextRange *range = [textView textRangeFromPosition:start toPosition:end];

    NSLog(@"\n\n Total Length %d selction range location %d and length %d \n \n",completeString.length,selectionRange.location,selectionRange.length);
    if((selectionRange.location + selectionRange.length +1) > completeString.length)
        completeString = [completeString stringByReplacingCharactersInRange:selectionRange withString:[name stringByAppendingString:@";"]];
        completeString = [completeString stringByReplacingCharactersInRange:selectionRange withString:name];
    NSString *htmlStr = [self GetHTMLStringFromString:completeString];
    //htmlStr = [htmlStr stringByAppendingString:@" abc"];
        [self.popController dismissPopoverAnimated:NO];
        self.isSelectionListOpened = NO;
    //self.textView.editable = YES;
   // [self.view becomeFirstResponder];
    //self.textView.text = [self.textView.text stringByAppendingString:@""];
    [self.textView becomeFirstResponder];
    self.textView.editable = YES;
    //NSString *htmlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"<html><a href=\"\">%@</a></html>", htmlStr];
    [self.textView setValue:htmlStr forKey:@"ContentToHTMLString"];
    [self.view becomeFirstResponder];
    //self.textView.text = [self.textView.text stringByAppendingString:@""];
    [self.textView becomeFirstResponder];
    self.textView.editable = YES;
   // self.textView.text = completeString;

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Hi can you share some part of the code to see what is going wrong. – Max Aug 7 '13 at 5:06
I have edited my question with code snippet. Kindly check it – Premal Aug 7 '13 at 9:28

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