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With Dart's "pub" tool and its "deploy" command, you can create a deployable version of your Dart web application. The output is written to the "deploy" directory. I want to know if there's a way to specify a different output directory?

I searched the internet for a command-line option, but found no mention of it. Running "pub help deploy" shows no options for the deploy command.

If "pub deploy" has no output directory option, I want to find the pub.dart source code. I'll create a customized version that accepts an output directory option. Unfortunately, I can't find pub.dart in the SDK. I found the pub shell script. It calls pub.dart.snapshot, which is 100 thousand lines of unintelligible Dart bytecode. Is there a human readable pub.dart file? Is it in the SDK?

Your help is appreciated.

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For now, this is not configurable. The source folder is always /web and the output folder is always /deploy.

The source is available at .

A simple workaround is just to rename deploy once generated.

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Thanks! It's helpful to see the pub.dart source code. – devdanke Aug 8 '13 at 2:04

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