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I have a set of document stored on mongodb, which are like this


"_id" : { "$oid" : "5201ca52ddf19f9c7aea0bb2"} ,

"id" : 1 ,

"path" : "C://..." ,

"experiences" : [

{ id = "1", date="12/2012", content="blabla" }

{ id = "2", date="12/2013", content="blabla2" }



I would like to process the "experiences" fields of these documents to obtain an output like this: (1,1,12/2012,blabla)


the schema is (document_id,exp_id,exp_date,exp_content).

I'm loading the document via pig and MongoLoader, here is my code:

REGISTER /root/mongo-2.10.1.jar
REGISTER /root/pig_librairies/mongo-hadoop_cdh4.3.0-1.1.0.jar
REGISTER /root/pig_librairies/mongo-hadoop-pig_cdh4.3.0-1.1.0.jar
REGISTER /root/pig_librairies/mongo-hadoop-core_cdh4.3.0-1.1.0.jar

persons = LOAD 'mongodb://localhost/gestion_competences.cv'
      USING com.mongodb.hadoop.pig.MongoLoader('id:chararray, path:chararray, experiences:charrarray)
      AS (id, path, experiences);

I know the problem is here:


but I don't know what structure i could use. I tried bags and maps and it doesn't work...

Do you have an idea on how to solve the problem ?


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Try experiences:map[] and then you can access values via key as experiences#'content'

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