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What is the format to capture LLDP packets on an interface using tcpdump?

I tried the following format but it dint work:

tcpdump -w test.pcap -i eth0 lldp -vv
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tcpdump -w test.pcap -i eth0 ether proto 0x88cc

The Ethernet type for LLDP is 0x88cc, so the filter to see only LLDP packets is ether proto 0x88cc.

-v (or -vv, or -vvv, or...) and -w don't go together. -w means "write the raw packets to the file, and don't print anything"; -v means "print verbosely". If you combine "don't print anything" and "print verbosely", "don't print anything" takes precedence, so nothing is printed, verbosely or otherwise.

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Thanks for the answer.. – udaya Aug 7 '13 at 12:13
To be fair, -v is quite useful in combination with -w -- it makes tcpdump print the number of packets captured (there is a line saying Got # which keeps updating). Without -v you only know how many packets were captured at the end of the capture. Until then you are completely blind. – chutz Aug 11 '15 at 6:04

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