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I'm working on a packaged app, as follows:

  • Window 1:: Has a webview, where a postMessage method is used to communicate between the webview and window.

Is it possible to send messages from the Webview in (Window 1) to a different window (i.e. Window 2) other than the parent window it is in?! or another way, can the background script listen to the postMessage?

I tried playing with the appWindow.source from the page within the Webview but couldn't manage it. is it possible? Any Ideas?

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You can send message from webview to window and then that window is able to send message to window2.


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I'm aware of that method, but I want Data sent from Window1 to webview (in the same window) to be recieved by Window2 directly. –  user2659489 Aug 13 '13 at 14:09

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